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Spruce up before your guests arrive!!

We all end up leaving the cleaning to the last minute hoping somehow we will get it done! Here is a secret to do a quick 15 minutes makeover!

All you need:
1. Two rags, one damp and one completely dry
2. One basic Vac
3. A simple mop :)

You are right, no chemicals needed. Here we go!

Take the two cloths, one damp and one dry (if possible microfibre, but if you do not have, no stress:))

Step 1: Clean all the mirrors first with wet and dry method. It just means use the damp cloth to wipe first and then immediately followed by the dry cloth wipe over. (3 mins)

Step 2: Clean all the bench tops and all required surfaces with the same wet and dry method. (3 mins)

Step 3: Wipe the shower with the damp cloth (may need some muscle depending on the level of soap scum) and followed by the dry wipe. Use toilet paper to clean the surrounds of the toilet basin and the seat. Quick swish the bowl with the brush and flush. (3 mins)

Step 4: Quick Vacuum the whole house (4 mins)

Step 5: Mop the floors with hot water (2 mins)

Pat your back! Woohoo! We did it

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